Azoth is a life force that was made from the videogame Haunting Ground. It was a word used many times with sentences from the stalkers to Fiona. She was completly confused and had no clue whatsoever what Azoth was. But, later on, she began to slowly understand what is was and why the stalkers wanted to kill her. Which only raised her fears.

What is Azoth!?Edit

Azoth is the length of a living thing's life. From a mouse, to a human, to a bird. With the power of alchemy, people can take Azoth from living things and add it to their own. But, some people go mad and take so much, they have a abnormal life span then their regular spiecies has. Also, if that person or animal has enough Azoth, when it dies, it is reborn again. Which is seen with Lorenzo, who comes back 2 times because of the vast amount of Azoth he had. Most of that Azoth however was taken from Riccardo.