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Debilitas (You spell his name in Japanese like this; デビリタ.) is from Haunting Ground. Debilitas is the first stalker Fiona meets. Debilitas stalks her in Belli Castle. He thinks she is a walking, talking, breathing doll make specially for him. He is mentally disabled and he loves dolls. His English is jumbled up and he cannot speak correctly or with proper grammer. He has to listen to Riccardo and he follows orders from him even though he was created by Lorenzo. Hewie saved Fiona from him after Fiona rescued Hewie. He doesn't chase Fiona for her Azoth, only because he thinks she's a doll.

Name: Debilitas (Debby). Age: Unknown Gender: Male Status: Deseased (Unless the player chooses not to kill him)


  • "Where is you!?"
  • "Dolly!"
  • "My dolly, Fiona, my dolly!"
  • "My little pink meatball!"
  • "I'm sorry!"
  • "My little poogly pie!"
  • *Laughs*
  • *Groans*
  • *Growls*
  • *Sniffs*
  • "Good smell!"


  1. Debilitas is suggested to be part dog. Since he sniffs the air and says "Good smell!" whenever Fiona is nearby.
  2. Debilitas is not a creation from Riccardo. Lorenzo created him.
  3. Debilitas is said to be tearing away at Fiona's limbs as if she was a ragdoll when Fiona dies.
  4. Debilitas and Daniella never face or see each other in the game, and it is said they never knew either one existed.