Lorenzo Aureolus Belli is an old man who is the head of Belli Castle. He is in a wheelchair and wants to have Fiona all to himself for him to take her Azoth, which explains the reasons why he helped her throughout the game. He is Fiona's grandfather and Ugo and Riccardo's father. He created both Debilitas and Daniella with the power of alchemy.

Old Lorenzo in his wheel chair.

His forms:Edit

When Fiona first encounters him in the House of Truth, he is sitting in his wheelchair in the dark, speaking to her about the Azoth she posseses, Riccardo being the "Troublesom child", Ugo marrying Ayla, Fiona's mother, and him having Fiona all to himself so he can take her Azoth. He gets out of his wheelchair and pursues the player by crawling on the ground. He crawls very fast. After crushing him with a rock crushing machine, he comes back at a younger version of himself with the help of the Azoth he has.

The young version of Lorenzo.

He chases Fiona just by running. When he is like this, he may teleport, cause the ground under Fiona to explode, and make a blue flame of fire and try to burn Fiona. If the flame hits Fiona she will automatically die. After making him fall in a pit of lava, he comes back one last time as a skelotine on fire from the Azoth he has. He burns out from using all of his Azoth he had and Fiona leaves Belli castle with Hewie.
90px-HGart (19)

Lorenzo as a skelotine on fire.


  • "Riccardo was always the troublesome child. . . "
  • "Fiona!!"
  • "Don't go! Fiona! My life! My Azoth! Fiona!!"
  • "Fiona! Don't go! Fiona! Fio-!"
  • "Azoth!"
  • "No! No! No! Fiona!!"
  • "You've been a very naughty girl Fiona."


  1. Some people think that Lorenzo had a sexual bond with Fiona.
  2. Some people think that the blue flame Lorenzo makes is based off of a spell from Harry Potter.