Riccardo (You spell his name like this in Japan; リッカド) is from the videogame Haunting Ground. He is the castle groundskeeper of the area, and is Fiona's uncle and Lorenzo's son. He is the one who captured Hewie and tried to extract his Azoth, but Fiona foiled his plans by freeing him, then becoming allies, and using him as a weapon against the stalkers trying to kill her. Since Lorenzo is crippled and in a wheelchair, he can't go all over the castle making orders to people since he is confined to his wheel chair and stuck in The House of Truth. So, he makes Riccardo do the job for him by telling everyone what to do. Riccardo uses a gun to pursue Fiona and becomes invisible on the second half of his level since he put a special formula on Fiona's eyes when she passed out in Chaos Forest and Riccardo carried her into his surgeon room. He has the most areas to stalk Fiona, which makes it more difficult; First, The Manison (If the player chooses to go back there), second, his original level area, third, the Water Tower. He also can become invisible and he has a Flintlock Pistol, which makes things even more harder, even though he isn't intending to hit her. So, his level is considered very hard. Luckily, he cannot stalk her in Belli Castle or at The House of Truth.
Riccardo standing



  • "Lift away that sheet next to you. That's what your future will be! Hahahaha!"
  • "Exire Debilitas!"
  • "You are the sole survior of Belli Castle. This place is all yours!"
  • "Are you all right miss? Will you be okay? It's been a long day. Why don't you get some rest?"
  • "Miss Fiona!"
  • "Home? This is your home. This entire castle is all yours! "
  • "You miserable wench! You were given the greatest gift of all and you don't even appreciate it. I can't believe the Azoth was wasted on you!"
  • "Are you over there?"
  • "So this is where you've been."
  • "Damn mutt!"
  • "You won't get away!"
  • "Do your best, Fiona."
  • "Look Fiona, look! We are clones! We are clones! Hahahahaha!"
  • "Two or three days at the most. . . "
  • "You are mine. I own you."
  • "Fiona!!!"



  1. Riccardo didn't create Daniella or Debilitas. Lorenzo did.
  2. Riccardo hates Lorenzo, and besides killing Fiona for his own selfish needs, he wanted to keep her Azoth away from Lorenzo.
  3. Some people believe there is a sexual relationship between Fiona and Riccardo. There isn't. Only with her Azoth.
  4. Riccardo is Fiona's father's brother and is Lorenzo's son.